International Geek Girls Pen Pals Club: The Perfect Blend of Retro & Awesomeness

Imagine a club that can bring back that sense of nostalgia. You know, being 9 years old and getting excited for the mail to come because you’re waiting on a letter. That’s right. I said “LETTER”, not e-mail. “LETTER”.

The only letters most of us see now-a-days are bank statements or bills, and maybe, if we’re really lucky, a holiday card or two. International Geek Girls Pen Pals Club really creates that “happy old school feeling in the gut”, by receiving a great letter from a stranger located in another part of the world, and of course responding to it! Not only is that fantastic on its own, but that stranger likes all the same type of geeky stuff you do! If retro and awesome had a baby, I’m pretty sure they would name it IGGPP.


We asked the creators of the Geek Girls Pen Pals Club a few questions, and here’s what they had to say.

1. How did the idea of the International Geek Girls Pen Pals Club come about?

The idea for International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club was thought up by Leslie and Emily. They were having a discussion through twitter about Emily sending Leslie some Curly Wurlys (a candy bar from the U.K.). It turned into them discussing the idea of being pen pals and developed into the idea for this club – a project where they could pair geek girls from all over the world together to become pen pals! Once the project was introduced, things just started happening really quickly. A lot of people who had registered for a pen pal started requesting a site or forum where they could connect and talk together online. The website,geekgirlpenpals.com, was born. Emily and Leslie brought Emma on first and then Jen to help with the pairing and leading the ‘Houses’ on the forums.

2. Who are the founders and what are their interests?

Emily and Leslie who co-founded the project are from the UK and USA (respectively). Emily, a habitual tea drinker, has a penchant for Twin Peaks, Disney Villains and Invader Zim, while Leslie, a candy aficionado, loves Firefly, Charles Adams and Sailor Moon; Jen, our Canadian cat fanatic, favours X-Men, Hello Kitty and Nintendo and finally Emma, the Australian unicorn, is devoted to Skeletor, Tetris and Dinosaurs.

We’re a creative bunch who have strengths in a lot of different areas: graphic design, art, jewellery making, sewing, and baking!

3. How many people have you had sign up so far and what are some of the most interesting places people have signed up from?

We have had 2 rounds of pen pal registrations so far. We hit our maximum capacity, 1,000 sign-ups, in 3 days during the first round and then hit our maximum capacity again in 26 hours for round two. The third round opens up April 15th so we’ll see what happens! On the website we have over 1,100 members and it keeps climbing! During rounds one and two we had sign-ups from all over the world… Norway, Belgium, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Australia, Belarus, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam!


The International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club has created a great way of bringing back the dying art of letter writing in the coolest way imaginable. Two of our admins have already signed up and are eagerly awaiting their first letters.

Go to www.geekgirlpenpals.com to sign yourself up!